Październikowe spotkanie grupy (ISC)2 Poland Chapter | 7.10.2021

Filip Zarzyński: Your onion site doesn’t work anymore – performing simple DDoS at home

Filip Zarzyński BIO – self-thought fan of braking things and terrible programmer with love for abusing other people code, security researcher with roots in fuzzing of Android kernel, drivers and native applications as well as exploitation thereof, currently part-time exploring never sleeping world of DFIR while working in association with Rapid Response Team (

Opis prezentacji: Case study of incident response to ransomware related data leak.
This story begins with heroic quest of getting leaked data faster than the legions of 4chan. On this quest we’ll be jumping into onion-rabbit hole, time traveling to times before fancy anti DDoS services, judging poor web development skills among ransomware gang members and exploring the gray area of 'hacking-back’. Thru the power of bash-fu and sleepless nights our quest turns into the one of slaying the dragon or to be more precise annoying the 'bad guys’ enough to shut down the promising business of extortion via leaking data months after ransomware attack.

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Link do wydarzenia: (Event Pass: ISC2_PL_Chapter)